Sunday, January 13, 2008

Expiry Dates

So I've got a confession to make. I've started eating products with past due expiry dates. Up to about a week ago I was freaked out with eating products that had a date that passed. I seriously didn't try it because I didn't want to die from it! I mean can you imagine... "It's unfortunate Lynn ate that pasta that had that November 2007 expiry date".

Anyhow... Craig's dad put it this way... "You aren't going to die at midnight just because you ate that yogurt that had today's date on it".


Ward said...

She's Baaack! Long time no see! I thought this blog had an expiry date! ;)

Anonymous said...

That's it? One post? :)

ols said...

i agree with both comments. ;)

glad we got to catch up today lynnie.

just don't eat anything that's growing furry, okay?