Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Letter

Last night Craig and I had a chance to speak to his Priest. He told me that I wouldn't be able to get a letter from him becuase of the fact that I'm not Catholic. I don't know why I even asked him. I mean I kind of knew he wouldn't give it to me but I figured I'd have to ask anyways.

We talked about a lot of things. He mentioned how there are still differences in our fatih even though they're not as big as they use to be.

He mentioned how he didn't think I should convert just because of the fact that I could be issued a letter if I did.

The guy's cool. I gotta admit that. I like the fact that he said that I shouldn't do something just because the school board wanted it. I respect the fact that he said that it's ultimately up to me to decide if I want to convert or not but that converting means that I have to renounce everything from the protestant faith.

Last night the coversation of marriage also came up. We asked the Priest if the Catholic church would be able to marry Craig and I. He said that it's possible but we wouldn't be able to have communion at the service since if we did some of the people who attended the mass might feel offended that they couldn't take communion and he didn't want to exclude anyone. The priest mentioned that if the two of us were to get married it would be better if we did it in the Catholic church becuase that way Craig's faith would still be validated. He also made it clear that if we got married it would be marriage from that point on till death caused Craig and I to part. To which I made the comment, "Isn't that a good thing?" and he laughed it off and said, "let's see what you say 10 years from now."

Anyhow... I'm kind of bumed about the whole letter thing. I really wanted to teach in the school system. Not becuase I want to convert but I want the kids to realize that their faith in Christ doesn't just mean having to follow a bunch of rules but a strong commitment to following Christ becuase of the relationship they have with the Lord.

As we ate dinner yesterday I started thinking about the possiblity that maybe if I teach in the public school I could introduce faith. I know that if I do it I have to be respectful to all faith groups and that I can't be preachy but maybe that's the way to go.

Ok I'm rambling. Time to lesson plan again.

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ols said...

hey lynnie, sorry to hear about the letter thing. i trust something will work out - they tend to do that.

about the comment from the priest that getting married in the catholic church is until death separates you... isn't that the way God intended it for all of us?